The Economists´ Quartet

A Game, not a Theory

by Sandra Gruescu and Niels Peter Thomas

You are visiting the homepage of The Economists´ Quartet, a card game about economists made by economists for economists. Its aim is twofold: it is designed to make students interested in the life of contemporary and former economists and their most important ideas, as well as be an entertaining pastime for ´grown-up´ post graduate economists.

What to do here

If you are new here, you may want to read the paper first. You can chose to read it in html or download it as a pdf-file. It is originally published as Darmstadt Discussion Paper in Economics No. 109 at Darmstadt University of Technology, Germany. The cards as well as the rules of the game are described in there.

Then you can have a look at the deck of cards, download it and start playing. Every month we introduce a new interesting pair of economists, the Duet of the Month. To improve your playing skills, you can have a look to our Short History of Economists´ Duets. On the other hand, we would appreciate some feedback, if you can tell us about another interesting duet of two economists in the game.

Last but not least, since we are already planning the next version of The Economists´ Quartet, we appreciate suggestions about economists to be added. If you like yourself (or your boss) to be included, feel free to contact Sandra or Niels.

The Duet of the Month

The very first Duet of the Month for April 2002 is Oskar Morgenstern with John von Neumann, for they have introduced game theory to economic analysis with their pathbreaking book Theory of Games and Economic Behaviour, London 1944.
And after all, without them there wouldn´t be a game like this.

 Oskar MorgensternJohn von Neumann

Do you know another interesting Duet of Economists (according to the rules of the game) to be introduced as the Duet of the Month? Then please let us know!

Have fun with the The Economists´ Quartet and write a quick comment whether you like it or not:

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